Peppermint Oil for Hair

Peppermint oil has been widely used in many countries for centuries as an effective hair treatment.

When applied properly, this oil works well to tackle many common problems such as dry scalp, hair loss, hair growth, head louse and much more.

The benefits of peppermint oil for your hair are wide and varied.

This article will take you though a complete list of potential uses and benefits of one of natures wonderful gifts.

Benifits of Peppermin oil for your hair

1. Use As a Moisturizer

Peppermint oil is a strong moisturizer.

Depending on your preferences, you can mix it with other essential oils such as Olive, Almond, or Castor oil.

In fact, it is recommended that you mix it with a carrier oil to avoid irritation and any unwanted side effects.

Apply such mixture directly to your hair and then wrap your head by using a shower cap. You also need to place a slightly hot towel on top of the cap.

Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate inside. When you remove the towel and cap, the oil should already nourish and moisturize your hair completely.

2. Normalizes Scalp’s Oil Production

peppermint oil image.A surprising benefit of peppermint oil for hair is that it functions as astringent.

It is basically oil, but it helps to reduce excessive oil production by your scalp.

Even better, it brings a tingling sensation and works by balancing the scalp’s pH level.

Therefore, if you have a problem with either oily or dry scalp, peppermint oil can help you to get rid of it.

3. Can Promotes Hair Growth

The oil does not only work on the surface of your scalp, but it can actually penetrate inside and stimulate hair follicle.

It promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation, which finally increases oxygen supply.

With tremendous supply of oxygen, hair follicles and roots should grow at their full potential. If you desperately want to have long and healthy hair, peppermint oil can be such good solution for you.

4. Fights Dry Scalp and Dandruff

As mentioned earlier, peppermint oil handles either oily or dry scalp problem. In other words, it does not reduce or increase oil production, but it simply helps to restore it to normal condition.

The most common problem that follows dry scalp is dandruff. As the oil heals the dry condition, dandruff is as well gradually eliminated.

Itching sensation that also usually exists will no longer be a problem. Another good thing is that peppermint oil has a refreshing smell, so you do not need to use any fragrance.

5. Avoid Hair Loss

As peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation to the follicles, it promotes healthy hair growth.

The oxygen supply carried by blood will help to strengthen hair roots. Besides promoting hair growths, it also carries additional benefit by preventing hair loss.

Blood does not only carry oxygen, but it delivers nutrients so your hair roots may absorb essential nourishment in order to stay healthy.

How to Use Peppermint Oil Directly to Your Scalp and Hair

Peppermint oil is a very strong essential oil. It is probably irritating for people with sensitive scalps. It is best to mix it with carrier oil to avoid burning sensation. However, it is easy to create a mixture of essential oils, as instructed below.

Peppermint oil for your hair

1. Dilute the Oil

Never apply high concentration of peppermint oil directly to your scalp and hair.

This oil is only used as an additive, so you must mix it with water or other ingredients for hair treatment.

To get the best benefits of peppermint oil for hair, mix it with other essential oils such as jojoba, olive, avocado, or almond.

You can also mix 4 drops of peppermint oil with a cup of water.

Different person may need different composition depending on any underlying condition.

It is wise to consult doctor before applying this treatment to avoid unwanted side effects.

2. Add Almond Oil

A mix of peppermint oil and almond oil is a good composition.

If you intend to use such formula, use 2 oz. of almond oil for 6 drops of peppermint oil.

Mix it inside an amber bottle, so you can shake it well.

3. Part Your Hair

To make it easier, part your hair into some section before applying the solution.

Use a rubber band to secure each section for better results.

4. Apply it to Scalp

As you part the hair into some section, you can easily touch your scalp.

Directly apply the mixture to the scalp and gently massage it. Repeat this process for all sections.


Using peppermint oil for hair treatment is generally considered safe.

Nonetheless, some people may experience unpleasant effects such as skin rashes, headache, and even stomach upset.

Peppermint oil is indeed an effective solution for various problems with hair and scalp, but you need to mix and apply it properly for optimum results.